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Contex stands for content and experience.

We operate through several major brands. Our mission is to inform, connect and inspire, with a wide variety of content specifically designed for businesspeople, professionals and organizations to help them grow and reach their full potential.

All of our media, event and training offers reflect our mission.

Founded in 2019

The Contex Group was created in 2019 by bringing several TC Media properties together within a single entity. All of the groups that make up the new company have a track record for dynamic, high-impact events in their respective markets. 

Contex Group was created by Pierre Marcoux, the son of TC Transcontinental’s founder Rémi Marcoux.  Pierre is passionate about the field and felt it was a good time to launch a new company capable of leveraging the power of media and event-based activities.

The direction

Pierre Marcoux


Guillaume Marcoux

Director, Data Management and Platforms

Jean-Sébastien Haché


Marine Thomas

Editor-in-Chief, Les Affaires

Nancy Gaudreault

General Manager Les Affaires

Alison Webb

Publisher, Benefits & Pensions Group

Éric Boutié

General Manager Événement Carrières & Contech Bâtiment

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